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November, 2018


I was recently asked about my painting process and I really couldn't explain it other than just saying that it is a non-objective flow. I created this video to try and understand my own process. The art speaks for itself and I cannot argue with it. It can be frustrating, but each layer just creates more texture and depth, adding a history and life to the painting.

Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3

March, April, May, 2018.

48"x36" mixed media painting.

acrylic paint, oil paint, oil pastel, graphite, magazine clippings, stonehenge paper.


Flower Prices

March, 2017.

18"x24" mixed media painting.

acrylic paint, oil pastel, graphite, cardboard, magazine clippings, acetate plastic, stonehenge paper.

Spinal Love

July, 2017.

48"x48" mixed media painting.

oil paint, acrylic paint, oil pastel, candles, fabric, staples, wire, mesh,  and  stonehenge paper on stretched canvas.


Lemon Rest

July, 2018.

8"x 11" acrylic painting.

acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

Original photo by Adéle Mathieu


Three Boats

March, 2017.

16"x 11" Ink painting.

india ink on paper


Mind Games

February, 2017.

11"x 17" ink painting.

india on paper


Bad Habits

July, 2018.

3, 10"x 10" mixed media painting triptych.

oil paint and magazine clippings on stretched canvas.

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